C&K Careers is doing a great job

Just look at some of our latest results:

  • Best ever NEET/EET and Not Knowns results
  • Best ever Year 11 NEET/EET results - 0.7%/98.49%  in Calderdale and 1.6%/97.61% in Kirklees respectively
  • Good RPA results compared to neighbours - Calderdale 39th (95.8%) and Kirklees 49th (95.5%) out of 150 LA areas (December 2014)
  • Best ever September Guarantee results - 3.8% (target 5.9%) in Calderdale and 6.1% (target 6%) in Kirkleesin 2013
  • Good Y11 Survey impact measures
  • Young People Involvement in shaping ourservices, Hear by Right
  • 2013/14 work experience and vacancy targets exceeded

C&K C’s expertise is recognised by others, including:

  • Head Start Kirklees best results in Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Gained DWP - Employability Skills for Graduates contract in Calderdale/Kirklees and Bradford
  • Connect Housing Employability Skills contract
  • Won continuation of Islington contract

For further information:

Contact: Katren, Head of Business Development
Call: 01484 225500
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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