C&K Careers organised Post 16 opportunities on behalf of Kirklees Council, Year 11 students, their parents and carers

Students getting advice at the Kirklees GO event 2015Nearly 2,000 young people from the 25 schools across Kirklees attended the post 16 events at the John Smith’s Stadium. The annual Kirklees events were organised again this year by C&K Careers' staff on behalf of Kirklees Council for Year 11 students, their parents and carers.

As always, young people, their parents and carers attending were able to find out about options after the age of 16 by speaking to C&K Careers' advisers, local employers, colleges, school sixth forms, apprenticeship providers, training providers and higher education providers. Young people now have to stay in education or training until at least their 18th birthday, so it is important they make the right decision for them.

The students attending the event received information and advice on a range of options that young people can consider for continuing in their education and training. There was a particular focus on jobs of the future in the Leeds City Region and how students can access these careers by taking the apprenticeships route. 

Feedback from parents, carers and young people was extremely positive with many comments about helpful staff, how useful it was to be able to talk to college and sixth forms staff, apprenticeship providers, employers alongside careers advisers, and the range of institutions and employers represented.  

"Parents are key in Year 11s decision making. These kind of events are a great opportunity to start the process going. This is the one event I can guarantee all curriculum areas will sign up to attend, simply because the parents are so focussed." Sally Rawson, Head of student recruitment, application and careers at Kirklees College

Students in year 11 and their parents have an array of choices facing them for their next steps.

Everyone is helpful. Presentation very clear... Able to gather information and options in one place by own choice... Opened up my eyes to the endless opportunities post 16- so many new and exciting things to do!..  Really informative, the people are really kind... Everybody was in one place so you didn't have to go all over and find them. The stands were informative. People running the stands were friendly..." Students attending the event

"Wide variety of employers/opportunities and increased understanding of what my son can potentially do... My child got a lot of information about career options he had not thought of... Information useful, we felt a lot better at end of evening knowing what options were available... Customer service was brilliant, set up and management- great well organised..." Parents attending the event

Students at the GO event"Whether students wish to consider a college of further education, their school sixth form, a sixth form college, an apprenticeship or a training opportunity, or simply don’t know what to consider, help was on hand at the Kirklees Year 11 event to navigate their way through the full range of options.
Organised together by C&K Careers and Kirklees Council, the event is the premier one of its kind in Kirklees and took place over two days in order to help as many Kirklees residents as possible. Visitors commented on the helpful and knowledgeable staff and the opportunity to get face-to-face advice." Steve Collins, Head of Young People’s Services at C&K Careers

Decisions in Year 11 2016Parents were sent a 'Decisions in Y11 booklet' before the event, which contains information on a range of post 16 options, qualifications, the importance of remaining in learning and how parents can support young people. More information is available on www.ckcareersonline.org.uk

For further information:

Contact: Sally, Education Manager for Kirklees
Call: 01484 226766
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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