Case study – Successfully supporting new graduates

despondent studentsC&K Careers runs workshops to help graduates identify their transferrable skills and kick start their career.


R graduated in 2013:

  • He completed an MSc in Embedded Systems Engineering at The University of Huddersfield.
  • R was not familiar with the local area as he'd only been in Huddersfield for one year.
  • He was struggling to get interviews, relying on national websites to apply for jobs. He felt very despondent at his lack of progress. 


R was referred by Huddersfield Jobcentre Plus to the Graduate Opportunities (GO) run by C&K Careers: 

  • He attended all three GO sessions, plus an additional session at Huddersfield University.  .
  • R had further mentoring support to focus his job search activity on the engineering Industry.
  • One of our careers advisers arranged for Norgren Engineers in Leeds to give R some very constructive, detailed feedback on his CV.
  • R had several one-to-one meetings with his adviser to ensure his applications were targeted, such as looking at specific company sites, analyzing job vacancies in depth and identifying core skills they required.
  • R then updated his CV to reflect the advice and adapted his job search, trying the new ways of searching suggested by his careers adviser.  


R is now working in his ideal job as an engineer:

  • Within a couple of weeks R started to receive feedback from his more direct approach to looking for jobs. 
  • He was offered interviews, which he was more prepared for after the mock interviews he'd done with his C&K Careers' adviser. 


R was so grateful for the help and support he'd received as part of the GO programme:

  • The CV tips and interview techniques on GO helped him find a job within a very short time.
  • He found the level of experience and support offered, outstanding and will use what he learnt on GO to develop his career in the future.

"I just wanted to thank you in helping me build a better confidence in searching for jobs...Thanks for all your advice and support. Searching local companies getting in touch with them helped me to find a job within a very short time, thanks to your advice....I would definitely recommend the GO Graduate programme to all fellow students.” 

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