Case study ā€“ Making a positive transition from school to college

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S attended a local mainstream high school:

  • He had severe anxiety and mental health issues.
  • His home situation was difficult.  His father has ongoing mental health problems and spends frequent periods in hospital, leaving his Mum on her own.
  • S has attempted suicide in the past. He was hospitalised and kept under surveillance for a while. He has a CAMHS worker.
  • S has never participated in lessons in school.  He attended with difficulty and had to be taught one-to-one by a teacher in the library.
  • School staff told the Careers Adviser that they doubted he would engage in anything.


The careers adviser had a number of meetings with S during Year 11 to build a relationship, gain his trust and identify the support he would need to make a successful transition to post 16 learning.  The adviser:

  • Discussed Sā€™s needs with the additional support team from the local college and also arranged for him to be interviewed and assessed in school.
  • Arranged for S to have several meetings in school with college staff and went with him on a visit to college. 
  • Organised for S to attend the Skills for Working Life summer school and again went with him on the first day. 
  • Made a request to the council for transport funding and negotiated for S to have a separate taxi as he was anxious about travelling in a mini bus with strangers. 
  • Helped S with summer school attendance and enrolment, as well as with applying for the learner bursary fund.


S has made a successful transition to college.  The careers adviser, S's one-to-one key worker and many college staff have played their part.  Since starting S:

  • Attended all the summer school and all lessons.
  • He even went on a picnic to the park with his class mates (unthinkable when at school).


S hopes that he will successfully complete the course, as he knows this will be a major achievement.

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