Case study - Supporting career change

Thinking-350C&K Careers makes achieving ambition possible.


Customer J was keen to change career, she:

  • Wanted a more demanding job. 
  • Wasn't sure of the steps to take.


C&K Careers helped J work out a plan of action, our adult adviser:

  • Took J through the steps to finding a new career.
  • Helped her apply for a suitable college course.
  • Contacted voluntary organisations about placements.
  • Gave advice on interview techniques.


J reached her career goal, she:

  • Started a full-time college course.
  • Secured a number of relevant voluntary placements.
  • Developed the confidence needed for a more challenging career.


J started professional training:

  • Secured a place at university.
  • Began training as a midwife.

"They are helpful and make you feel comfortable.  The adviser was lovely and very helpful".

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