Case study - NEET answer to better post-16 outcomes

Group of young peopleC&K Careers' whole school approach improves participation in learning and reduces Year 11 NEET.


To raise numbers in learning:

  • In 2006, an above average 22% of Year 11 leavers from a Kirklees school did not remain in learning on reaching the statutory school leaving age.
  • The group comprised students unsuccessful in seeking apprenticeships or full-time work, as well as disaffected young people with low attendance.


To deliver intensive support:

  • C&K Careers raised the NEET issue and met key staff in the school to discuss and devise a strategy to increase participation in learning.
  • A NEET group was created consisting of heads of years 10 and 11, the SENCO, careers coordinator, deputy head and support staff from the alternative curriculum.
  • Funding was obtained for a NEET key worker to coordinate activities to increase staying on in learning and reduce NEET.
  • Using a Risk of NEET Indicator, potential NEET students were identified and individual action plans were created and regularly reviewed.
  • Parents of potential NEET students were also contacted to gain their support and involvement.
  • Students likely to go on to Entry to Employment courses or Foundation Learning were allowed to visit training providers during term-time, supported by school staff and the careers adviser. These visits gave students a better understanding of the training provision, and built up their confidence about embarking on the course.
  • To maintain support, the careers adviser accompanied students to interviews with training providers and encouraged school staff to attend interviews with vulnerable students at local colleges.
  • NEET young people continued to access help over the summer holidays in school and at the careers centre. The careers adviser focused on job search, helping the leavers prepare a CV and ensuring they were contacted by C&K Careers about suitable vacancies.


Targeted approach a success. Between 2006 and 2011:

  • Year 11 leavers remaining in learning rose significantly from 78% to over 92%.
  • Students remaining in full-time education increased from 60% to 84%.
  • Number of young people NEET post-16 fell dramatically from 14% to 4.6%.


To attend to issues early:

  • The NEET group continues to look at strategies to improve attendance, behaviour and learning.
  • A new initiative was developed to tackle attendance issues by sending letters to parents about the impact poor attendance has on successful applications to colleges and training providers.
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