Case study - Benefit and impact of careers guidance

Benefits and impacts 350C&K Careers works with young people in care


K is 17 and is in the Care of his Local Authority.

  • He is a full-time pupil in a very small school with just three other pupils.
  • The other pupils were younger than K and two of the pupils have learning difficulties.


C&K Careers' adviser met with K in school to discuss his future:

  • The careers adviser felt K would benefit from a construction skills course with more emphasis on practical learning to go alongside his current more academic route in school.
  • He also thought K would benefit from being in a learning environment with students of a similar age and ability.
  • Discussions were held with the school and the care home management before making arrangements to visit a suitable training provider.
  • The visit went well and the additional learning support manager felt that following a risk assessment, the college could meet K’s support needs.
  • K was interviewed for the course and offered a September start.


The headteacher at K's school is delighted with the impact that this development has had on K. He is:

  • Demonstrating much more maturity
  • Responding well to the therapeutic work he undertakes at the care home.
  • Been allowed to have contact with his family, which in turn has further improved his morale and his willingness to engage in therapy.


K is really enjoying the course and is performing well:

  • The college think K is probably the best student on the course.
  • The whole cycle is positive and the Headteacher believes that the catalyst for this transformation has been the CEIAG work undertaken with K.


K hopes to pursue a career in construction.

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